Resetting the EZPlug to Factory Defaults


In the event that you entered in the wrong wifi information or want to factory reset the EZPlug you can reset it to the factory default settings.

Reset the Plug – Power Cycle Method

You can reset the EZPlug by plugging it into a power strip with a switch and then turn it on and off 6 times, then turn it on again a 7th time and leave it on.

  1. ON
  2. Wait 2 seconds
  3. OFF
  4. ON
  5. Wait 2 seconds
  6. OFF
  7. ON
  8. Wait 2 seconds
  9. OFF
  10. ON
  11. Wait 2 seconds
  12. OFF
  13. ON
  14. Wait 2 seconds
  15. OFF
  16. ON
  17. Wait 2 seconds
  18. OFF
  19. ON
  20. Wait 20 seconds

Your plug is now reset and can reconnect it to the network as detailed below.

Reset the Plug – Power Button Method

To reset the EZPlug to factory defaults just plug it in and hold the button on the side of the plug for 40 seconds.

The LED on the plug will flash a few times before rebooting after the reset is complete.

Reconnecting to Wifi

Once it is complete you will see a wireless name with “EZPlug” in the name and you can set up the plug again as if it was new.

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