TH3D Ender 5 Plus ABS Tough Extruder Bracket Assembly


Our bracket for the Ender 5 Plus makes installing our Tough Extruder (or E3D Titan) painless.

This bracket must be printed in ABS as the motor can run warm enough to deform PLA and even PETG. We have the ABS bracket for purchase in our store here:

STL file is available at the bottom of this page for download. For personal use only.

For the assembly of the Tough Extruder itself see our video page here: Tough Extruder or E3D Titan Assembly Video

How to Assemble the Bracket

At this point follow our Tough Extruder Assembly video and then come back to the guide to finish the assembly: Tough Extruder or E3D Titan Assembly Video

Bracket STL File

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