Tough Extruder Firmware Settings

When installing the Tough Extruder most machines that came with a non-geared extruder (aka most machines with the brass gear types) will need the E direction reversed. You will also need to change the esteps.

This guide is written for use with our firmware branches that have easy to use configurations. If you are using another firmware or Marlin please refer to that particular firmware documentation for setting the esteps and motor direction.

Step 1 – Set your Steps Per MM

The recommended steps/mm is 410 for this product when using a 1/16th stepping mode (aka most machines, if you do not know then yours is probably 1/16th stepping).

If you want to calibrate the exact ESteps for your printer use our tool here: 

NOTE: we used to recommend 463 but this is only if you are using a 0.9mm extrusion multiplier in your slicer. It is now recommended to use 410 instead of 463 as this correctly extrudes 100mm when the board is told to extruder 100mm of filament.

You can do this in our firmware easily with the “CUSTOM_ESTEPS” option. Uncomment (remove the // in front of the #define) the CUSTOM_ESTEPS option. By default, it is set to 410 steps/mm.

Step 2 – Reverse your Extruder Motor Direction

Next, uncomment the “REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION” line.

Your screen should look like the above picture.

If your extruder moves the wrong direction for some reason just add the 2 // in front of the REVERSE_E_MOTOR_DIRECTION line and upload again to set it to run the other way.

Step 3 – Flash the firmware & Clear your EEPROM

All that is left to do is flash the firmware by following the firmware directions for the machine/board you are using (refer to the particular firmware you are using from us) and then make sure to reset your EEPROM after flashing.

If you do not reset the EEPROM after a flash the old steps/mm will be retained and the new ones will not take effect. You can clear the EEPROM from the printer LCD or by sending a M502 followed by a M500 with your favorite gcode sender program.

NOTE: All of our firmware as of writing this article has what is called “cold extrusion prevention” turned on. This is to prevent grinding your filament if the hotend is not heated. To move the E motor your hotend must be heated to 170C or higher for the E motor to move.

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