Ender 6 5015 & EZABL – PETSFang Mount

Slicer Preview About this Mount This is the same mount used in our video on the Ender 6. This works with our EZABL kit and our 5015 24V fan for much better than stock cooling. Print with support from build platform only as shown above. We recommend printing this in ABS as well. If you […]

Ender 3 S1 5015 Fan Duct STL

While upgrading our S1 we wanted to move to a 5015 fan duct. The STL that was provided by TX_Ryan was not properly exported or rotated to the print orientation. We fixed the file and rotated it. Print in ABS or PETG minimum. PLA is not recommended.

Printed Products – Lead Times/Backorders

Stock Information On products that use printed parts, we make all these in-house here. We keep stock updated to reflect parts that are ready to ship and passed our QC inspection. If a printed product shows “In-Stock” that means it will ship on our normal shipping schedule. What does backorder mean on these products? If […]