Wrong Address Entered at Checkout

Wrong Address? Sometimes people enter the wrong address at checkout. In the event that you entered the wrong address, we cannot make changes to the label once it is shipped. Please make sure you double-check that your shipping address is correct and up to date before placing your order. TH3D Studio LLC is not responsible […]

EZPi – Changing/Setting Wifi Network

Wifi Setup/Change Directions READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING Network Name & Password Entry: Your wireless name AND password are case sensitive. You MUST match the EXACT name of your SSID or it will NOT work correctly. Editing the File: Do NOT use a simple text editor like Notepad. Use one that supports the formatting of the […]

EZPi – Hardening the EZPi Security

If you are on a shared network where other people other than yourself could have access to your EZPi and want to prevent them from getting access to it there are a few things you can do to lock the instance down. Change the Default Password To change the default password, load up the EZPi […]