Z Axis Troubleshooting

Details After sending out multiple EZABL kits over the years and getting feedback from customers that have issues there are many that had Z axis that were not working correctly and this throws off the probe. Before you move forward to check that you can easily move your Z axis leadscrews. If there is a […]

Tips for best EZABL accuracy

Leadscrew Couplers The ‘spring’ type Z-motor couplers allow vertical play, which can affect the probe results. You can replace them with ‘Plum’ style couplers which have no vertical movement. TH3D Shop link: https://www.th3dstudio.com/product/upgraded-leadscrew-coupler-for-cr-10-cr-10s-tornado-ender-2-and-more/ Probe Edge Probe measurements will vary near the edge – ensure that your probe boundaries are far enough from the edge to avoid […]