EZPi – EEPROM Datasize error

This error occurs when you do not reset your printer EEPROM after updating the firmware. This should be done every time you update the firmware on your machine. Note: Clearing the EEPROM will reset custom settings that you have entered in. If you have custom settings (example: z offset, steps/mm, acceleration, jerk, etc) these will be […]

Preliminary Troubleshooting Steps

Intro When you are chasing down an issue with your printer that is not something that is clear (like a mechanical or wiring issue) here are some 1st steps you should do to rule out a software problem or basic mechanical issue with the printer. Reset your EEPROM Your printer has memory called the “EEPROM”. […]

BL Touch – Reset Operation Mode

Operation Modes The BL Touch has 2 operations modes. The default is the “open drain” mode and this is what the probes ship with. The other is the 5V mode. The default mode for all TH3D firmware is the “open drain” mode and that is what our firmware is setup to use. If you are […]