EZPi – EEPROM Datasize error

This error occurs when you do not reset your printer EEPROM after updating the firmware. This should be done every time you update the firmware on your machine. Note: Clearing the EEPROM will reset custom settings that you have entered in. If you have custom settings (example: z offset, steps/mm, acceleration, jerk, etc) these will be […]

VSCode – “No such file or directory” Error

Sometimes when compiling for the 1st time you may get an error that says “No such file or directory”. This can be caused by your Antivirus interfering with the file creation or VSCode’s timing for getting the libraries set up was off. To fix this just wait 1 minute and then try the compile or […]

VSCode – Problems & Terminal Tabs

“Problems” Tab VSCode has multiple tabs at the bottom of the screen. For purposes of the firmware; IGNORE the “Problems” tab. It is normal to have it flagging some things. Error messages for the firmware are located in the Terminal tab. Terminal Tab If you run into issues with compiling you want to look in […]