Creality Ender 3 S1 Firmware | V24S1_301 Board

Do you have an Ender 3 S1 and want firmware that actually works correctly and makes installing upgrades quick? This is the firmware for you! Maybe you’re adding our EZABL kit to the machine. This is the download for you. You will need to update the LCD and Board firmware for this machine. Directions are below. Board […]

12864 LCD Screen Not Lighting Up

If your 12864 LCD screen is not showing any LCD backlight (you must have firmware loaded on your board for any text to be displayed on the LCD) then rotate the cables at BOTH ENDS but only on one side (aka LCD side or board side). The wire with the red marking on it for […]

Z Axis Troubleshooting

Details After sending out multiple EZABL kits over the years and getting feedback from customers that have issues there are many that had Z axis that were not working correctly and this throws off the probe. Before you move forward to check that you can easily move your Z axis leadscrews. If there is a […]