EZNeo – 220 Version Test Gcode

This test gcode will cycle all the pixels at the same time and then each one individually in a Red, Blue, Green, White, OFF cycle. Once the test completes the LEDs will all flash white 5 times. You can use this to make sure all the pixels on the strip are working. This is only […]

Pronterface – Using Pronterface to send GCode to your Printer

What is Pronterface?  Pronterface is a simple GUI program that allows you full control over your printer over USB for printing and sending commands. It’s a free and easy way to have control over your printer available here: GCode Sender Download Startup and Connecting After downloading and unzipping the Unified Firmware download package you will find the Pronterface program in the Extra Programs folder, double click “pronterface.exe” […]