Wanhao Duplicator i3 Firmware | Melzi Board

Do you have a Wanhao Duplicator i3 and want a stable firmware with the latest features? What is a “Melzi”? If you are wondering what a “Melzi” board is let us explain. The “Melzi” board is the Wanhao control board that uses the Atmel 1284p CPU. These usually need a bootloader flashed before you can upload firmware to the board. […]

EZOut Filament Sensor Kit – Installation Information

Getting Started You will need the following to install the kit: The TH3D EZOut V2 Kit If you have the Standard (SKR/MKS/Tornado/CR-10S)/Wanhao D6 a heat gun or hair dryer to install the heat shrink on the adapter PCB after making the connections Tools to open your control box PC To Flash the Firmware Unified 2 […]

Anet Bootloader Flashing Guide (USBASP)

We recommend you use the UNO method to flash your bootloader if you do not already have a USB ASP as the UNO method has been proven to be more reliable. We sell a full bootloader kit in our shop here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing Kit Some Anet boards have an outdated or oversized bootloader. If […]