EZPi – Host Action Commands Warning

Warning PopUp When loading up OctoPrint you may get a notice/warning from the interface that says the following: Your printer’s firmware supports host action commands, but they are disabled. The firmware will not inform OctoPrint about job pause & cancellations, filament runouts, and similar firmware-side events. If you want this functionality, you need to change […]

EZPi – Updates or Plugins Not Installing

Issue/Error You may see “It looks like OctoPrint has currently no connection to the internet. Due to that it’s not possible to install new plugins from the plugin repository or archive URLs.” when you try to add new plugins or the Software update will just fail. This is because your EZPi OctoPrint setup is not able to […]

EZPi – EEPROM Datasize error

This error occurs when you do not reset your printer EEPROM after updating the firmware. This should be done every time you update the firmware on your machine. Note: Clearing the EEPROM will reset custom settings that you have entered in. If you have custom settings (example: z offset, steps/mm, acceleration, jerk, etc) these will be […]

Zits or Blobs On My Prints

Intro Zits or blobs can appear on your prints for a multitude of reasons. The cause of them in all cases is due to the printer pausing for a split second that results in filament oozing from the nozzle. The core reason is due to intricate moves that cause the printer to slow down. Slicer […]