EZABL Duet Board Setup Information

Intro Duet3D boards are universal 3D printer control boards, but their setup on the firmware side can be complex. This page serves as a way to assist in the setup of an EZABL Bed Leveling kit with your Duet3D board. We’ll give some examples of configuration lines and connections for these Duet3D boards. The Duet […]

Tips for best EZABL accuracy

Leadscrew Couplers The ‘spring’ type Z-motor couplers allow vertical play, which can affect the probe results. You can replace them with ‘Plum’ style couplers which have no vertical movement. TH3D Shop link: https://www.th3dstudio.com/product/upgraded-leadscrew-coupler-for-cr-10-cr-10s-tornado-ender-2-and-more/ Probe Edge Probe measurements will vary near the edge – ensure that your probe boundaries are far enough from the edge to avoid […]