Printed Products – Lead Times/Backorders

Stock Information On products that use printed parts, we make all these in-house here. We keep stock updated to reflect parts that are ready to ship and passed our QC inspection. If a printed product shows “In-Stock” that means it will ship on our normal shipping schedule. What does backorder mean on these products? If […]

COEX Filaments – Recommended Nozzle and Bed Temperatures

Recommended Nozzle Temperatures: COEX PLA and PLA Prime: 215°-235° C COEX ABS and ABS Prime: 230°-250° C COEX PETG: 230°-245° C Recommended Bed Adhesion Information and Temperatures: PLA and PLA Prime: 0°-60° C Painter’s tape is recommended for unheated beds, adhesive is optional at the user’s discretion. Heated bed temperature recommendation is 60° C. Works […]