Pronterface – Using Pronterface to send GCode to your Printer

What is Pronterface?  Pronterface is a simple GUI program that allows you full control over your printer over USB for printing and sending commands. It’s a free and easy way to have control over your printer available here: GCode Sender Download Startup and Connecting After downloading and unzipping the Unified Firmware download package you will find the Pronterface program in the Extra Programs folder, double click “pronterface.exe” […]

Babystepping with GCode Commands

No Babystepping on your LCD? No Problem Some printers have limited LCDs that don’t display the full Marlin firmware (or TH3D Unified Firmware) menu system. This can mean that useful features like Babystepping are not available you on the LCD. The latest versions of Unified 2 and Marlin 2.0 have a Gcode command (M290) that […]