Testing your SD Card for errors

H2TestW Program Sometimes you may have issues with your SD card for your printer. The easiest way is to delete all the files on the card and test it with H2TestW. This is a Windows utility that is free that will test the entire space on the card for errors. This will tell you if […]

EZBoard – FAQ

Does the EZBoard Need Heatsinks on the Drivers? No. Because we properly design our boards unlike the Chinese. They do not need heatsinks and TMC specifically states that there are to be NO heatsinks on their drivers since they sink heat through the PCB. Our board is 4 layers with 2oz copper on EVERY layer. […]

Preliminary Troubleshooting Steps

Intro When you are chasing down an issue with your printer that is not something that is clear (like a mechanical or wiring issue) here are some 1st steps you should do to rule out a software problem or basic mechanical issue with the printer. Reset your EEPROM Your printer has memory called the “EEPROM”. […]