EZABL Pro™ Hardware and Accessories FAQs Which size sensor do I choose? We have two sizes of EZABL Pro™ available; the standard 18mm sensor, and the 12mm “Mini” sensor. These two operate the same way in terms of installation, function, and usage. There are only two somewhat-significant differences between the two, namely the LEDs on […]

EZOut Filament Sensor Kit – Installation Information

Getting Started You will need the following to install the kit: The TH3D EZOut V2 Kit If you have the Standard (SKR/MKS/Tornado/CR-10S)/Wanhao D6 a heat gun or hair dryer to install the heat shrink on the adapter PCB after making the connections Tools to open your control box PC To Flash the Firmware Unified 2 […]

Sensors and Gantry Grounding

Issue A small instance of machines, like the Ender 3, can exhibit issues with the EZABL sensors stay triggered due to poor/no grounding. We do have an option to turn the motors off (XYE) during probing in our latest firmware which fixes this issue but the root cause is that the electrical interference has nowhere […]