EZNeo – SKR 2 Board Setup

What you will need The EZNeo Strip Plug it in! The SKR 2 boards have a dedicated NeoPixel header. This pin is pre-setup in Marlin 2.0 and uses pin PE6. Just simply plug in the EZNeo cable to the RGB header on the board shown below in the pinout diagram and the other end of […]

EZABL SKR 1.4/1.4T Connection

Wiring Info Because of how BTT has their endstop filtering done on their boards it can make the EZABL not function correctly when connected to the Z endstop. You should use the “Probe” port instead of the “Z-STOP” port for connecting to the EZABL signal side. Firmware Settings You will still use the recommended EZABL […]

EZABL Firmware Setup for “Vanilla” Marlin

Unified Firmware Info PLEASE NOTE: If you have a printer with the stock board, the easiest and quickest setup is to use our Unified Firmware package. This guide is for people using the EZABL with a non-supported printer/board and/or those that want to use “Vanilla” Marlin with their machine. You still must follow the EZABL installation guide to install […]