Sunlu S8 Firmware | Sunlu 2560 Board

Do you have a Sunlu S8 and want a stable firmware with the latest features? BOARD NOTE: Some S8 have been shipping with a board with “SH_2560_A4988” on the PCB. If you have this board make sure to enable the option in the firmware for that particular board. If your board does not have the “SH_2560_A4988” […]

EZNeo – Sunlu S8 Board Setup

What you will need The EZNeo Strip A 5V Power Adapter Jumper Wires Soldering Iron & Solder IO Pin Wiring The Sunlu S8 boards have 4 IO pins that are available to use. You can use any of these to control the EZNeo strips. Below is a picture showing the pin locations and their corresponding […]