CR-10S V2.0/V2.1 Temperature Repair

This information is shared to help out the community. TH3D will NOT provide support or be liable for any damage incurred should you or someone else perform the repair. Check your printer board. If the C4 capacitor says 220 on it then you have an updated board from Creality. We provided them with the repair […]

P.I.D. Bed Calibration Guide

This article is for bed tuning. For hotend tuning see here: P.I.D. Hotend Calibration Guide What is P.I.D. Tuning? PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is the system the printers use for holding a set temperature. This system controls how fast the printer reaches the set temperature and how well it holds that temperature once it gets there. […]

COEX Filaments – Recommended Nozzle and Bed Temperatures

Recommended Nozzle Temperatures: COEX PLA and PLA Prime: 215°-235° C COEX ABS and ABS Prime: 230°-250° C COEX PETG: 230°-245° C Recommended Bed Adhesion Information and Temperatures: PLA and PLA Prime: 0°-60° C Painter’s tape is recommended for unheated beds, adhesive is optional at the user’s discretion. Heated bed temperature recommendation is 60° C. Works […]