EZNeo – 220 Version Test Gcode

This test gcode will cycle all the pixels at the same time and then each one individually in a Red, Blue, Green, White, OFF cycle. Once the test completes the LEDs will all flash white 5 times. You can use this to make sure all the pixels on the strip are working. This is only […]

Testing your SD Card for errors

H2TestW Program Sometimes you may have issues with your SD card for your printer. The easiest way is to delete all the files on the card and test it with H2TestW. This is a Windows utility that is free that will test the entire space on the card for errors. This will tell you if […]

Z Not Showing “TRIGGERED” M119 Test

Issue  If your Z Endstop is not triggering this could be due to a manufacturer wiring configuration on your Z endstop connector. The EZABL board has been set up based on testing of multiple machines that we have in house. But after sending out many kits it appears that the wiring that manufacturers use are […]