Creality V4.2.X TMC Boards – Recommended VREF

These are the recommended VREFs for the V4.2.2 and V4.2.7 with Trinamic Drivers (TMC2208/TMC2225) from Creality. VREF is set by using a multimeter with power ON to the board and adjusting with a screwdriver. See our VREF video below for an example. Be CAREFUL when adjusting as a slip of your screwdriver will damage the […]

Creality Ender 3/3 Pro Firmware | V4.2.X Board

Do you have an Ender 3/3 Pro with the V4.2.2 or V4.2.7 board and want a stable firmware with the latest features? Looking to get a V4.2.7 board? Get it here from TH3D. Board Limitations Note: Due to the design of the Creality boards with TMC drivers Linear Advance will probably not work correctly. The feature is […]