EZPi – Getting Started Documentation

Getting Started with the EZPi NOTE: When removing the SD card be careful. The warranty does not cover if you crack the SD card when removing it. Bootup time: The EZPi will take about 1 minute to fully boot up and show up on your network. If you are using wifi and after 5 minutes […]

EZPlug Wifi Setup Guide

Intro When you get the EZPlug it will need to be connected to your wifi network before it can be used. Our plugs use Tasmota Open Source firmware to give you 100% local control over your plug. TH3D has no remote access to your EZPlug as we believe that the hardware you purchase is yours. […]

Locating your EZPlug on your network

1 – Locating the EZPlug on your network In the initial EZPlug Wifi Setup guide, we copied the plug name and had you note it somewhere. This is what we will use to find the plug on your network in some of the methods listed below. There are many ways to locate the plug on […]

EZPi – Changing/Setting Wifi Network

Wifi Setup/Change Directions READ THIS BEFORE CONTINUING Network Name & Password Entry: Your wireless name AND password are case sensitive. You MUST match the EXACT name of your SSID or it will NOT work correctly. Editing the File: Do NOT use a simple text editor like Notepad. Use one that supports the formatting of the […]

Resetting the EZPlug to Factory Defaults

Intro In the event that you entered in the wrong wifi information or want to factory reset the EZPlug you can reset it to the factory default settings. Reset the Plug – Power Cycle Method You can reset the EZPlug by plugging it into a power strip with a switch and then turn it on […]