Tech Support – Level 1

Job Responsibilities:

  • Handling requests from our help desk or live chat systems
  • Answering presales and sales questions from customers
  • Provide our customers with solutions to their issues and questions
  • Assisting with order tracking and shipping claims

Job Location: In person (Hobart, IN) OR Remote.

Skills Needed:

  • Being able to handle customers in a professional manner
  • Ability to understand what the customer is saying even if the customer themselves doesn’t
    • Interpreting what they mean sometimes in cases where they do not know the terms of the printer/parts they are dealing with.
  • Attention to technical details of the machines we deal with
    • Example: Paying attention to machine voltage, sizing fans correctly, verifying compatibility between products and the customer machine
  • Being able to learn new things quickly along with a desire to learn how things work
  • Being resourceful in terms of finding solutions for our customer issues utilizing our internal, public, and other online resources
  • Not being afraid to ask other TH3D team members questions when something is outside of your knowledge and/or skill set.


  • Flexible hours – choose what hours you want to work during the day. As long as your hours are being put in that is what we care about.
    • Great for students or people who already have a job or a job that has low hours
  • Great Discounts – TH3D Store discounts for employees.
  • The person in this position will be the 1st person to be upgraded to a full time, higher level support position when their skill set is honed and our demand needs it
  • Flexible time off – We understand that things come up and are very flexible if something happens that requires you to take time off
  • Paid Time Off – 2 Weeks PTO for full-time employees
    • PTO accrues based on total time employed with TH3D


  • Starting pay is $10-12/hr depending on experience
  • Starting pay can be higher if applicant is able to demonstrate knowledge of our products and 3D printing troubleshooting knowledge
  • This is an entry level position

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