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1284p Printer Bootloader Flashing Video Guide – CR-10/Ender 3/Ender 2/Wanhao i3/Anet

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We recommend you use the video to flash your bootloader. The Instructables version is outdated now. Please read the notes below.

Important notes – READ THESE:

  • The new CR-10 Board does NOT have a jumper on it. You can still flash just skip the jumper step.
  • If you have jumper MOVE IT BACK to VREG when you are done. 
  • Make sure you select Arduino as ISP for the programmer or it will NOT work!
  • Follow the video guide up until the firmware then flash using the information on this page: TH3D Unified Firmware Package

This is the guide you need to flash the bootloader for the machines that have 1284P boards in them. They are:

  • CR-10 – ALL Sizes
  • Ender 2
  • Ender 3
  • Anet Machines
  • Wanhao i3

Hardware is required and we sell a kit here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing KitIf your machine is not listed above then it already has a bootloader on it we try to keep the list updated above. If you are in doubt and are a customer please contact our support using the contact us link at the top of this page. 


Anet Flashing Notes

Some Anet boards have an outdated or oversized bootloader. If you get a blank LCD after flashing you will need to flash the bootloader on your board. There is no physical way to tell what bootloader you have on your board without pulling it off with a programmer. If your Anet board resets when trying to flash you will need to flash the bootloader. Pinout is on the firmware page for the programming header. We recommend using a USBASP for this OR our specific Uno kit (genuine ones may not work).

If you use our Uno to flash please follow the the CR-10 bootloader guide video above but use the Anet pinout below and select the Anet V1.0 for the board instead of Sanguino.