Converting the EZ Connect to Direct Wire

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If you purchased the EZ connect version and want to do away with the wall wart to power the sensor you can simply cut the wire off the 12V AC/DC adapter and wire it to your 12V printer power supply. Doing this does void any support on the device but if you are comfortable with it you can do so. The center pin on the DC jack is the positive and the outer sleeve on the plug is negative. Verify this by testing the continuity on the wires to each of the parts of the plug.

All EZABL EZ-Connect kits shipped after June 2018 include an adapter plug to convert to direct wire for the power and are compatible with 12V and 24V input voltage.

If you are having odd issues with your kit performance we recommend direct wiring the power to the printer PSU. Due to outside factors outside of our control sometimes this is necessary depending on your home wiring and wiring the sensor to the same PSU that is powering your printer will alleviate any interference between the sensor and the printer. This is uncommon but has affected some people in the past so we felt it was worth mentioning here.

If you wish to use another Z connection instead of the 3 pin plug you can simply pick up a JST-XH 3 pin connector and wire that to the ZMin port on the EZABL board.