DIY EZABL V3.1 Information

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We have discontinued the DIY EZABL V3.1 Kit and this page is an archive of the product page for customer reference

DIY Product Information

This product is a DIY product meaning it comes completely un-assembled and requires soldering to build. Below is a video stream where we assembled the kit.
Only purchase this if you have soldering experience and the tools needed (soldering iron, heat gun, solder, etc) to assemble.

Works with our TH3D Unified Firmware like our other EZABL kits. You will need to print your own EZABL case for the control board and it is available in the TH3D Unified Firmware Download package.

What is included?

  • TH3D EZABL V3.1 Sensor (100hz sensing rate) – 18mm Size – SENSOR IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE “EZABL Board ONLY” KIT TYPE
    • 3 wire connection + Ground shield
  • Parts included
    • Optocoupler IC
    • Resistor
    • LED
    • 2x Filter Capacitors
    • Diode
    • 2x Screw Terminals
    • 3 Pin JST Socket
    • DC Barrel Jack (5.5×2.1mm Size) – Works with our AC or USB adapters.
    • Heatshrink for sensor wiring (for full kit with sensor only, not included with the EZABL Board ONLY option)
  • DC Power Input Voltage: 12V-24V
  • You will need to print your own housing for the EZABL control board. See below for the download links for the STL files.

All parts are new and tested before packaging. It is highly recommended to take proper precautions against ESD when working on these parts. An ESD safe soldering iron is highly recommended (we use the Hakko FX-888D).


Support/Warranty: There is no technical support included with this DIY product and no warranty. If a part is DOA we will exchange it, all parts are new and tested before they are packaged. Once anything is soldered there is no returns or warranty.

Live Stream Build of this Kit