EZABL V3.1 Kit Information

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We have discontinued the EZABL V3.1 Kits and this page is an archive of the product page for customer reference

What is Included?

  • Full kit with sensor pre-wired to the EZABL Control board
  • Power wire to connect the sensor to the power supply
  • Sensors feature a shielded cable for EMI reduction
  • High speed Opto IC from Toshiba on Control board with 2 stage power filtering
  • All PCBs are assembled by hand here at TH3D in the USA
  • All kits are tested before packaging to ensure full functionality
  • EZ-Connect Kits can use our EZABL AC Adapter or EZABL USB Power Adapter to power the kit from wall power or a USB port (select above)
  • 30 Days Warranty, Technical Support is NOT included on this kit since it is on clearance
    • If you require technical support directly through TH3D add it on above
    • Kits purchased without the support addon can get help through our TH3D Communities here: http://Community.TH3DStudio.com
  • Works with all printers listed (except the CR-10S Pro) listed on the TH3D Unified Firmware Page
    • Check the TH3D Unified Firmware Page before purchasing if you plan to use the kit with our firmware.
    • Will work with any Marlin based machine with the configuration information provided below.
  • Control board casing color will vary. STL files are in the download package below if you want to print your own/different color.
  • 18mm Direct Wire versions will have either silver or black color sensor.
  • Sensors may or may not have TH3D Label on them as in the picture.

What is the difference between the EZ-Connect and the Direct Wire?

The EZ-Connect board has a DC Plug Jack for power and a 3 Pin JST Plug for the Z endstop. This is meant for use on Creality or Sovol printers that have a 3 Pin endstop connection for the Z endstop.

The Direct wire board has a 2 pin screw terminal for power and a 2 pin screw terminal for the Z Endstop. This will work with all supported machines and if you have a Z endstop 3 pin plug you will need to clip it to use bare wires to connect into the 2 pin screw terminal on our board.

Important Links

Installation Guide & Firmware Package

Using regular Marlin? Check the setup guide here: EZABL – Firmware Setup for Vanilla Marlin