EZBoard Installation Guide & Firmware Pack

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Web Based Firmware Setup

-> Go to EZFirmware Site

-> Download Latest Installation Guide

Important Notes

Local Based Firmware Setup

-> Download Latest Firmware Pack (U2.R1.B1)

What is included in the pack?

  • TH3D Unified U2.R1 Firmware Based on Marlin 2.0
  • Pre-Compiled firmware available for common setups in the pack.
    • Having issues compiling? Use the EZFirmware website linked above.
  • EZABL STL Files for Supported Machines
  • EZABL Pro Installation Guide
  • EZBoard Installation Documentation
  • VSCode Setup PDF
  • Bed Leveling Test STL Files
  • Gantry Leveling Block STL Files

Important Notes

Wiring Information 

All wiring information is located in the above installation documentation.

It has been removed from this page as people were skipping the installation documentation and it was causing issues. Always refer to the latest installation documentation for proper connections and information on the EZBoard.

Installation Video from The Edge of Tech

The Unified Firmware has been tested with the above features in the “Features” list. Any deviation from the TH3D configurations can cause issues and is not supported. If you are a customer and have made changes in the features our support will have you use our standard configuration to rule out any issues. This is done for stability and quality assurance reasons as well as to minimize possible end-user issues.

The Unified Firmware Package and all files in the said package are provided AS-IS with no warranty or guarantee, use at your own risk. TH3D is not to be held liable for any damages or issues due to using anything in this package. This is provided for anyone to use at their own risk.