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Firmware Download

RECOMMENDED FOR QUICKEST SETUP: If you want to try our web compiler head over to

Download Latest Firmware (U2.R1.A3)

This firmware is ONLY for the EZBoard Series. Please use the Unified Firmware U1.R2 for all other machines/boards.

Before flashing please read our article on MicroSD cards and how they should be formatted:
Using a SD card in a format or size listed on the above article may result in your board being bricked. Be patient when flashing and do not cycle power for at least 30 seconds.

All releases with change-log available on our GitHub Release Page here:

Use VSCode to compile this firmware. In the firmware pack there is an installation guides folder and in that folder is the EZBoard folder. Open the VSCode folder and there is a PDF guide on setting up VSCode for your local PC.

Installation Documentation

Download Latest Documentation (V1.6)

PLEASE NOTE: All EZBoards ship with a test firmware that is for testing the boards. You must flash firmware for the machine you are installing it in for the board to work.

BL Touch Notes: Do NOT use a Pin 27 or EZOut board when using a BL Touch with the EZBoard. This can damage the board and will not be covered under warranty. Use the SERVO header on the EZBoard for connecting a BL Touch. Refer to the BL Touch installation materials to match up the 3 pins (VCC, GND, and Signal) to the respective pins on the SERVO header on the EZBoard. Typically on genuine BL Touch sensors the wiring is as follows: Red – 5V, Brown – GND, Yellow/Orange – SIG. If you have different colors then refer to the documentation that came with your sensor or contact the company you purchased the sensor from for the correct pinouts as some BL Touch clones use different color wiring.

If you are using the Dual Z Motor adapter here is a printable file to put over the adapter board to prevent shorting:

What is included?

  • TH3D Unified U2.R1 Firmware Based on Marlin 2.0
  • Pre-Compiled firmware available for common setups in the pack.
  • EZABL STL Files for Supported Machines
  • EZABL & EZABL Pro Installation Guides
  • EZBoard Installation Documentation
  • VSCode Setup PDF
  • Bed Leveling Test STL Files
  • Gantry Leveling Block STL Files

Installation Video from The Edge of Tech

Wiring Information

EZOut Filament Sensor Connection (NO EZOUT BOARD NEEDED)

Creality CR-10S/Sovol SV01 Filament Sensor Connection

BL Touch Wiring

The Unified Firmware has been tested with the above features in the “Features” list. Any deviation from the TH3D configurations can cause issues and is not supported. If you are a customer and have made changes in the features our support will have you use our standard configuration to rule out any issues. This is done for stability and quality assurance reasons as well as to minimize possible end-user issues.

The Unified Firmware Package and all files in the said package are provided AS-IS with no warranty or guarantee, use at your own risk. TH3D is not to be held liable for any damages or issues due to using anything in this package. This is provided for anyone to use at their own risk.