EZBoard Lite Warranty Info for Purchases Before 3/1/2020

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If you purchased an EZBoard Lite before 3/1/2020 it came with our TH3D Community Support and 3 month warranty as was advertised at the time of your purchase.

If you purchased the EZBoard Lite with the optional upgraded TH3D Standard Support you will still be eligible for the standard support level. As a thank you for upgrading your support package those orders with the optional upgraded TH3D Standard Support level will be retroactively have their warranties extended from 3 months to 6 months.

EZBoard Purchases before 3/1/2020 Warranty & Support Information

Technical Support: TH3D Community Support

  • To get technical support with this product it is handled through our TH3D Communities
  • Technical support is not included through the TH3D Helpdesk at no charge
    • You are welcome to ask quick questions about a Community Support product through our helpdesk but in-depth 1 on 1 technical support is not included.
  • If you require require a more personalized level of technical support it can be purchased separately in 1 hour blocks of time. Contact Us to get a time-slot paid for and scheduled through one of our technicians.

Warranty Info: 90 Days Warranty

  • Our warranty covers any and all defects with the product.
  • If your product fails or has problems within the warranty period you can contact our support team by emailing Support@TH3DStudio.com or by using the Contact Us link.
    • This is for warranty related issues only, not technical support.
  • Damage/Failure due to improper installation, usage, failure resulting from an issue with the machine the product is installed on, and/or modification or the product is not covered under warranty