Kingroon KP-3 Firmware – Marlin 2.0 Based

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The Kingroon KP-3 is a great little machine for the price (Under $150). We’ve compiled a firmware for the stock machine to bring all the latest features to the machine.

Download Latest Firmware (TH3D KP3.V2a)

Key Features

  • Thermal Runaway Protection
  • Assisted Manual Bed Leveling
  • PID Tuning for Hotend
  • Layer Fan Support
  • Babystepping Z for Live Adjustment of First Layer
  • SD Card Support Working
  • EEPROM Working when SD Card is inserted
  • Supports Stock Touch LCD
  • Filament Sensor Working
  • NEW EZABL Pro Kit Auto Bed Leveling Support
  • NEW Included is a 5015 Layer Fan upgrade that works with our 24V 5015 fan
  • NOTE: The print size on this firmware is 170x170x180 due to belt issues causing carriage to skew on the 175+ print area. Update your slicer to the new size.

How To Update

  1. Download the Firmware Pack Above
  2. Place the “Robin_mini.bin” from the Firmware folder for your setup to your SD card and turn on the printer. It will update.
    1. NOTE: Make sure nothing else is on the SD card when updating. Use a FAT or FAT32 formatted card under 8GB.
    2. Due to limitations of the STM32 CPU in order to use the EEPROM you must leave a SD card in the slot so it can store the EEPROM settings on it.
  3. Enjoy Printing with Marlin Firmware!

Source and change log available on our KingroonKP3 GitHub.