OctoPrint Not Updating and/or Cannot Install Plugins

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You may see “It looks like OctoPrint has currently no connection to the internet. Due to that it’s not possible to install new plugins from the plugin repository or archive URLs.” when you try to add new plugins or the Software update will just fail. This is because your EZPi OctoPrint setup is not able to perform the connectivity check. By default it will try to contact the Google DNS server on IP

Some ISPs like Comcast may block this for some reason. Below is how to change to use the server (Level 3 DNS) which should fix the issue. If the address does not work then try another public IP like,,, or These are other open DNS servers on the internet. You can also use your ISP provided ones as well. This also works for standard OctoPrint installations.

Here is how to fix this issue. We have Comcast and it appears they are blocking the default IP address.

If the server is still not reachable try another IP listed above. If none work please contact your ISP as they could be blocking at their firewall or at your local firewall.