TH3D Community Rules

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Our rules are not intended to be all-inclusive or overbearing. Instead, they exist to apply minimal structure to an open atmosphere. These rules govern the following TH3D Managed Communities.

Community Groups/Servers:

The TH3D communication servers and forums exist to supply a way for the community to learn from each other, other mods to help keep the peace, and the TH3D staff to provide enhanced support for TH3D products and general printing advice. By using any of these communities you accept the terms outlined below.

Community Goals

  • Connection – We desire to grow. The 3D printing community continues to grow and TH3D exists not only to help it grow but to supply it with everything it needs and help people get the correct information.
  • Correction – TH3D Staff from time to time will help to “right the ship.” From supporting companies who uphold the GPL to fighting those that don’t, TH3D will try to always uphold the best interests of our customers and community members.
  • Expansion – Over time as the community grows we expect further partnerships and potentially opening up new servers, expanding our product base, and growing TH3D.

Community Rules

  • No Hacking/Exploiting – this would include any advantage gained through the seeking out of server/client exploits.
  • No Racism/Excessive foul speech – you are all welcome to your opinions but you are not welcome to always voice those opinions when they are racist in intent.  We all know what racism is, let’s not be those people. This rule like the one above is a zero exception rule. Any use of racial slurs or phrases will result in the immediate removal from the community. The excessively foul speech will be treated with a warning, then a suspension, temporary ban, then a permanent ban.  If an admin is not present during the incident please submit an official complaint with recordings if possible.
  • Etiquette – While seeing the same entry-level topics may be irritating not everyone has the same level of knowledge in this hobby. Be helpful when you can and do not harass someone because they are asking basic questions. NO POLITICS.
  • Personal Representation – Community members will not engage within open chat/posts in arguments or accusations of any kind.  If you have a problem with someone, address it with them in a private channel or seek out one of the administrators, moderators, or staff members for assistance.
  • Reviews – Reviews are permitted as long as they are not being shared for the sole purpose of using the TH3D community to grow their brand/channel/etc. Reviews with affiliate links MUST be approved before being shared.
  • Advertising – Any form of advertising (Crowdfunding Sites, Group Buys, Affiliate Links, Other Groups/Communities, YouTube Channels, etc) must be approved by a TH3D Mod or Staff member. This includes ANY sale posts.
  • Piracy – Under NO circumstances will anyone be allowed to use any TH3D managed community to share/distribute/discuss software piracy or other intellectual property theft (such as sharing/trading paid STL files).

Reddit Specific Rules

  • Trolling and targeted harassment is NOT tolerated. If someone is following you around multiple threads please let one of the mods know. They will be banned at the discretion of the mod team.
  • If you have an issue with someone please take it up in private or keep it locked to one comment thread.
  • Self-promotion is OK and the 10% rule per Reddit’s own guidelines applies:
  • If you have your own affiliate links and/or ads on a link you are sharing you MUST disclose this and clear it with one of the mods before posting. Offenders will be warned and repeat offenders will be banned.
  • All Reddit ToS conditions apply:
  • Sharing of copyrighted files is not tolerated here as well.

Discord Specific Rules

  • Our discord server is not only a primary gathering place for the TH3D Community but also one of the avenues for support for TH3D customers. Please respect it.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the discord server in the non-public areas in our server. This is for legal reasons and as such is not up for debate or discussion.  Anyone found to be lying about their age will be asked to leave and offered other ways to communicate with TH3D and it’s staff.
  • No excessively foul speech.  I know sometimes emotions run high or it gets really late at night but respecting those around you is an important value of this community. The excessively foul speech will be treated with a warning, then a suspension, temporary ban, then a permanent ban.  This rule will fall solely at the discretion of any admin in the server. If multiple admins are present they must agree on the action taken. If no admins are present a complaint must be filed with recordings if possible.


These rules are constantly being updated and revised based on how the communities are evolving. We reserve the right to modify and/or amend them at any time with or without notification. It is your responsibility to check these rules from time to time to make sure you are aware of them.

Complaints can be submitted via the contact form found at or by directly messaging one of the staff members in each respective community.