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  • What version of Marlin is this built on?
    • The U1.R2.x base started as 1.1.9 but we merge in changes from bugfix that are critical and our own custom fixes/updates.
  • Can you help me flash my printer for free?
  • Certain Menus are Missing from the Control Sub Menus
    • Printers using the 1284P chips (like the CR-10, Anet Models, Wanhao i3, and Ender 2) will not have motion settings in the LCD menu. This is done to save space. If you want to adjust Jerk, Acceleration, or Steps/mm you can do it by sending the appropriate GCode commands. See here for all GCode commands:
  • Does this firmware support power resume like the CR-10S has?
    • Yes, as of U1.R2.1 and higher this feature is present. It has been tested but due to how Creality implemented the process it is not always reliable. This feature is NOT supported even if you are a customer. This also causes excessive wear on the SD card. Get a proper UPS for power blips.
  • Is the Creality ABL kit supported? 
    • No this does not work. If you want a supported ABL system please check out the EZABL that we make. Includes full support through our support system.
  • Is the BL Touch Supported?
    • There is BL Touch supported in the firmware as of U1.R2.9. This is provided AS IS and there is no support from TH3D for this probe. Please do not contact our support for help getting your BL Touch working.
    • By the time you purchase all the cabling, tools, and adapters to use a BL Touch you will be around the same price as our more robust (no moving parts) and accurate EZABL Kit. Check it out by clicking this link.
  • How do I report bugs?
    • Send us a support ticket. Please be very thorough when submitting an issue. Vague requests or flashing issues will not be responded to. Please take the time to write the issue out fully so we can look into it quickly.
  • I am getting a “not in sync” error when trying to flash.
    • This means that there is no bootloader on the board. The above compatibility table lists the machines that need a bootloader to allow the firmware to be flashed. You can learn how to flash the bootloader at our bootloader page here:
  • I am getting “Thermal Runaway” or “Heating Failed” after updating
    • Our firmware has hotend and bed protection enabled. This prevents the printer from causing an electrical fire in the event that there is something wrong with the heater and/or thermistor. If you are getting this error check all your wiring, mosfets, thermistors, and power supply. Most stock firmware does NOT have these safety features enabled.
    • If your hotend is having issues see our PID tuning guide to see if that resolves it.
    • If you have a CR-10 V1.1.2, CR-10S V2.0, or CR-10S V2.1 board please see if you have the temp issue, if you do this can cause thermal triggers. Read more here:
    • This is NOT a firmware issue and tickets opened for this are NOT supported for free even if you have an EZABL kit.
    • Be sure you are not trying to exceed thermal limits of your machine. For example trying to reach 60+C on a S5 stock bed, it will not handle it and will trigger the protection.
    • Our protection values are set very conservatively so it will take a lot to trigger them.
    • If you wish to disable the hotend and/or bed protection you can do so by editing the configuration_backend.h file but we do NOT recommend this.