This page is for items that are for local pickup only due to them usually being hard to ship. If you are in or near Hobart, IN please contact Tim if you are interested in purchasing any of these items. Most printers on this page will be fully built and working. If there are any known issues with the machine they will be listed in it’s description. These machines are sold without technical support and if there is a warranty it will be listed in the product information below for each machine.

This page was setup since we are running out of room for machines and do not need additional ones in the farm. Our overflow is your great deal! Pictures are from manufacturer sites. Actual pictures of items available upon request.

How do I contact Tim about purchasing something on this page?

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3D Printers for Sale

Price: $160.00 OBO

Location: Hobart, IN – Local Pickup

Email Tim about this machine

Zonestar Z5F – Upgraded & Built

  • Condition: Like-New, Minimal Use (Less than 24 hours)
  • Build Status: Fully Built, Ready to Print
  • Features & Upgrades:
    • ABL Sensor
    • “BuildTak” Type Sheet Installed
    • TH3D Tough Tube Installed
    • Upgraded Leadscrew Coupler Installed
    • TH3D Firmware Loaded
    • Mechanicals all Adjusted
    • Layer Fan
    • 2560 CPU Based Board
  • Info: This machine was purchased to build firmware for. It’s done a few test prints successfully and that is all the usage it has seen. All mechanicals have been adjusted and additional corner brackets added to improve stability of frame.
  • Known Issues: None
  • Warranty: Sold AS-IS. Can demo machine onsite before purchasing.
  • Original Retail Price: $299 plus $40+ in Upgrades