3 Pack – EZABL™ Pro – 18mm Size – High Accuracy Auto Bed Leveling Kit

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This is for a 3 Pack of our 18mm EZABL Kits. If you are looking for a single kit you can purchase it from here: EZABL™ Pro – High Accuracy Auto Bed Leveling Kit

Add auto bed leveling to your 3D Printer with ZERO soldering, modifying your board, or programming experience!

Fast, Accurate, Light, Shielded Cabling, Multiple Power Options, NO moving parts, NOT affected by temp/humidity, and US-Based technical support

Flexible Connection – Connects to the Z Endstop via 2/3 pin JST plug or 2 pin screw terminals

If you need a sensor mount, select one below for the OEM mounts available in PLA or ABS. STL files are provided if you want to print your own.

EZABL Pro 18mm Sensor × 3

EZABL Pro Control Box × 3

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Replace your bed springs

Use our Solid Bed Mount kits to replace the springs and make your bed solid.

EZABL AC Power Adapter

Power your EZABL Kit from your wall power. US Plug ,110-220V 50/60hz.

EZABL USB Power Adapter

Power your EZABL kit from most USB ports like a Raspberry Pi or USB Power Adapter.

Add on a Bootloader Flashing Kit?

Required to load the firmware on 1284p based boards. Contact Us if you are unsure.

OEM Sensor Mounts - PLA or ABS - 1 of 2

OEM Sensor Mounts - PLA or ABS - 2 of 2

Ender 5 Plus/Ender 6 Endstop Cable

Install our EZABL Pro kit on the Ender 5 Plus or Ender 6 without cutting your stock Z endstop wire.