4 Pack Bundle – EZBulb V1 – Tasmota Powered RGBW 9W LED Smart Bulb – Open Source Firmware

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This is a pack of 4 bulbs. Looking for one? Click here.


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Firmware Updates

The EZBulb firmware can be found on our EZHome releases page here: Releases · th3dstudio/EZHome

Using the EZBulb with Standard Tasmota – ADVANCED USERS ONLY

Our plug is compatible with regular Tasmota when set up with the correct template (coming soon). You are welcome to use standard Tasmota with your EZBulb but this is not covered under technical support. Only when using the EZBulb with our firmware is covered under the support coverage. This is because we pre-setup and calibrate values for the plugs to make sure things work correctly out of the box, when using standard Tasmota all these custom settings are lost. Converting to the standard Tasmota firmware is for advanced users who have experience with Tasmota.

Technical Info

  • Powered by Tasmota Open Source Firmware
  • White channel lumen output is around 500-550 lumens
  • Standard light bulb size, not oversized like others
  • NO sketchy apps to download to use this. Just connect to the wifi on the bulb, enter your wifi information, and its connected
  • 100% LOCAL control. NO “cloud” to worry about
  • NO soldering required
  • NO complicated firmware flashing
  • Works with Home Assistant and MQTT
    • Home Assistant Discovery is pre-setup on our firmware
    • MQTT support enabled out of the box
  • Uses 2.4ghz Wifi to connect, 5ghz networks are not supported
  • Complies with UL-60730-1 and CAN/CSA-E60730-1 Safety Standards, Certified through Intertek by the Hardware OEM.

3 reviews for 4 Pack Bundle – EZBulb V1 – Tasmota Powered RGBW 9W LED Smart Bulb – Open Source Firmware

  1. David W. (verified owner)

    I’m still experimenting with these, but they seem very useful. Service is excellent.

  2. Avatar photo

    Chaney Goldstein (verified owner)

    I like that the bulbs have Tasmota pre-installed and it makes it super neat since I don’t have them tied to the cloud whatsoever. They’re sort of dim compared to other bulbs that I’ve tried, but not so much that I needed to return them. I think they’re a great value and super useful for anyone who wants private smart bulbs. Setup isn’t too difficult (if you know what you’re doing) and the bulbs are solid.

  3. Paul Barron (verified owner)

    Out of the gate lets get the negative experience I had, which was how long it took to set everything up on my home assistant. No way around it, you need to be tech savvy to set these things up by yourself.

    Now that this disclaimer is out of the way, let me just say once its all setup and going its super responsive and does everything I wanted in a smart bulb. I have owned lifx bulbs and my biggest dislike of them is the first time setup on the cloud through their app. Sure I could later remove it but the sheer FACT I had to use their app and it DEFAULTED to cloud just pissed me off to no end. However at the time they were the only players I knew off that worked on 2.4GHz and allowed local control (with an big *). Came across this almost by accident recently and so glad I did. To set them up initially is straight forward, no app required. Just connect to the local WiFi it generates on first boot and tell it what network to connect to from there. The only painful part of the who process is if you are like me and are configuring 16 of the dang things in one sitting. You have to configure each bulb individually (unless there is something I have missed for a save file config or similar). That can become time consuming and if you are combining it all to home assistant like I was, a very slow process as you need to make sure to name each one so that you know what bulb is where. Once all setup though its just fantastic. I have my home setup with a pfsense firewall with openVPN configured to allow remote access to my home assistant. I can travel around the states or the world and can turn my lights on/off knowing with confidence they aren’t talking to anyone but me.

    If you are a bit of a privacy nerd then I highly recommend grabbing these. Especially with what seems like a handful years lifespan of smart home companies. With these even in the event the company somehow goes bust you can still feel confidant in access of your own device (heck even updates as its OPEN SOURCE!).

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