4 Pack Stepper Smoother Boards


  • Significantly reduces “Salmon Skin” on 3D Printers that have this issue
  • Provides protection for the stepper drivers when moving the motors when the machine is off
  • 4 Smoothers Included
    • 4 cables to connect from the smoother to the board
    • 4 pieces of heat shrink to go around the module
  • Full 8 Diode version for the best smoothing

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Product Details

These smoother boards are an addon module that sits between the 3d printer board and the stepper driver. Just unplug the stepper from the board, plug in the module, and plug the motor to the other side of the module.

These provide flyback diodes for the motors that help reduce the appearance of “salmon skin” on prints. This is a common issue with DRV8825 drivers and the boards that ship with the Tevo Tornado printers. These can be used on any stepper driver type that is used in 3D printers.

In addition to reducing the appearance of “salmon skin” these also provide protection to your printer board when moving the motors when the printer is off. Overall these make motion smoother and even reduce noise by a tiny amount.

Printable case that fits these smoothers: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2843101

Notes About VREF

By design smoothers will cause a slight voltage drop as the motor signal goes through the flyback diode setup. If you are getting any layer shifting after fitting the smoothers try increasing the VREF by 0.1V on the axis that was losing steps. This is rare but we felt it was worth mentioning.


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