High-Temperature Neodymium Magnets (5 Pack)


  • High quality and high strength N52+ neodymium magnets
  • Includes high temp 3M adhesive to mount to BOTTOM of bed
  • Use with steel bed sheets (like our EZFlex)
  • Tested up to 110C Temperatures with NO loss of holding power
  • Discount for 2 packs or more
    • Read below for recommend number of magnets for your bed size

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Earn up to 9 benchies.

Product Info

Tech Specs

  • Grade: N52+ Neodymium
  • Max Temperature: 130C
  • Size: 24 x 14 x 3mm (+/- 0.5mm)
  • Includes 3M Tape strip to attach magnets to the bottom of the heated bed
  • Works with steel bed sheets like our EZFlex sheets

Recommended Quantity by Bed Size

  • 165x165m – 5-8 Magnets
  • 220x220mm – 8-10 Magnets
  • 235x235mm – 8-10 Magnets
  • 300x300mm – 12-15 Magnets
  • 400x400mm – 20-25 Magnets
  • 500x500mm – 30-35 Magnets

Installation Notes

WARNING: These magnets are VERY strong and will break if allowed to “snap” together. They can also pinch your fingers, clothing, or other things that can come between them. Be VERY careful with these. This is not marketing fluff but an actual warning as these are some seriously strong magnets.

Magnets should be spaced evenly across the bottom of the bed and NOT placed over wires, solder pads, or thermistors.

  • Cut the 3M tape to cover at least 50% of each of the surface of the magnets and apply to the widest side of the magnet.
  • Remove the adhesive cover from the magnet and stick to the bed.
  • Start with one in each corner of the bed and one as centered as you can (most thermistors are in the center of the bed).
  • Space out the magnets evenly between the corners and center to ensure even coverage of the bed

Note: If you have an insulated bed the magnet should go under the insulation. You can carefully cut out spots in the insulation for the magnets. Make sure to clear off the insulation fully before applying the magnet to the bed.


  • Included Support: TH3D Community Support
  • Warranty: 90 Days
    • If you snap the magnets together and they break this is NOT covered under warranty.

Picture Note: The black “spots” are just the surface reflecting oddly in our photo booth and exaggerated by our post-processing on the pictures.

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