*CLEARANCE* Artillery AL-4 3D Printer – 300x300x300 Print Area

$499.99 $349.99

  • 300x300x300mm Print Area
  • High Power 250W Heated Bed that can hit 100+C in under 10 minutes
    • 25A MOSFET for heated bed pre-installed
  • MKS Gen L Board standard for easy upgrades
  • Works with our EZABL, EZOut FIlament Sensor kits, and Tough Extruder (purchase separately)
  • US ONLY due to size of item. Shipping is included in the price.
    • This product goes through extra QC and may take 3-4 days to ship.
    • Ships separately from other products if you order more items with it.

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Product Info

Printer Specifications

  • Build Area: 300x300x300
  • Voltage: 24V 500W PSU (Generic)
  • Extruder: MK8 All Metal
  • Hotend: Creality Style Hotend (Takes MK8 Nozzles) comes with 0.4mm Brass, X carriage is 100% identical to CR-10/Ender 3 so all CR-10 mounts work with this machine
  • Heated Bed: 250 watts 24V with “ultrabase” style surface
  • LCD: 12864 LCD with Full Size SD Slot
  • Mainboard: MKS Gen L with external 25A Mosfet for heated bed
  • Firmware: TH3D Unified Firmware with Thermal Runaway Protection
  • Stepper Drivers: 4X 4988 Drivers (Can be upgraded to TMC2208 or other Step Stick drivers)
    • Mounting holes are compatible with the SKR V1.3 and MKS SGen L if you want to later upgrade to 32 bit
  • Misc items included: SD card, Allen Wrenches, and Black PLA Roll
  • Free Upgrade: Includes parts we had made to add on 2nd Z motor and leadscrew with linking belt and pulleys
    • Please note there is no documentation included for the Dual Z kit as it was originally for in house use. We are just included it free of charge for those that want to use it. Printer is Single Z driven stock.
  • Compatible upgrades: EZABL, EZOut Filament Sensor Kit (MKS Version), Tough Extruder, TMC 2208/2209 Stepper Drivers


  • THIS IS A CLEARANCE ITEM/OVERSTOCK, all sales are final
  • Guaranteed not DOA, 30 days replacement/partial refund if parts are bad
    • Each machine will be opened and physical inspection performed to ensure everything is in the package and in-tact before shipping
    • Firmware will be updated with the TH3D Unified Firmware
  • There is NO documentation included for the Dual Z kit parts included so it is very much DIY. Only buy this machine if you want to use it stock or you enjoy a small project.
  • No technical support included

Pictures from the manufacturer:

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