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CR-10/CR-10S Volcano Mount – 5015 Fan and EZABL


  • ABS or PETG Part
  • 5015 Fan Needed for Layer Fan
  • Uses 40mm Stock CR-10 Fan
  • Mount for EZABL Sensor
  • Works with all E3D and Clone Volcano hotends
    • See our store for these as well
  • Processing time is 2 days at most if we don’t have mounts pre-printed.
  • ABS Parts are BLACK. PETG Parts are CLEAR.


This is the printed parts ONLY. 5015 Fan Required for layer fan.

All screws and nuts needed for this are M3 & M4 size. Amazon and eBay have assortments of them if you do not have extra screws. The longest screws used here are M3 x 20mm.

Depending on where your Y endstop is mounted you may need to move it towards the front of the printer a few MM if you notice your nozzle is hanging off the bed as this mount puts it a few mm forward versus the stock mount.

Screw/Nut List:

  • Hotend Clamp – 2x M4 x 25mm & 2 M4 Nuts, You can use M3 x 25mm but nuts will need to be held while tightening.
  • Hotend to Carriage – Use stock screws or 2 M3 x 10mm
  • 40mm Fan to Mount – 4x M3 x 10mm (stock 4x M3 screws work)
  • Fan Duct to Mount – M3 x 8-10mm & 2 M3 Nuts
  • 5015 Fan – 2x M3 x 20mm and 2 M3 nuts

Pictures are of the actual print quality. Supports are removed before shipping. Printed at 0.2mm Layer height 35% infill.

Processing time is 2 days at most if we don’t have mounts pre-printed.

Uses a 5015 layer fan and has a spot for our EZABL sensor. This is used on our CR-10+ Printer builds. Thank you to Sheldon Wylie for working with us on this awesome mount. Works with our V6 hotend + Volcano Upgrade kit.

Probe offsets for firmware – This is pre-setup in our firmware already.

#define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 30 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle] #define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 12 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]

STL files are also included in the EZABL STL Pack in the Unified Firmware Package

ABS Parts are BLACK. PETG Parts are CLEAR.

Support Level: Community Support

Additional information

Weight3 oz
Dimensions4 x 4 x 4 in
Material Type



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