Creality Dual Extruder Board Bundle – Dual Hotend

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This is a bundle for those looking to do a Dual Hotend Setup on their CR-10 series machine (all sizes). Includes all the products listed below, additional upgrades available below as well.

Creality Dual Extruder Upgrade Board - 2nd E Motor & Cable Included - CR-10/CR-10S/CR-20/Ender 3

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Tough Dual Hotend

$44.99 $42.74

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2nd E Motor ABS Bracket – optional

Works with the Upgraded Aluminum Extruders

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Tough Titanium Heatbreaks – optional

In stock

Tough Extruder - 3:1 Gearing, Bowden OR Direct 1.75mm - Titan Compatible – optional

In stock

Upgraded Aluminum Extruder with Steel Feeder Gear – optional

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Product Details

For full details on all the products in the bundle see each product page by clicking on the little arrow icon to the right of their name above.

To complete the upgrade you will need to supply an Extruder (we have 2 options – Aluminum OR Tough Extruder – and recommend MATCHING ones) and hotend mount (check this page for STL files)


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