**CLEARANCE** Tough Dual Hotend V2 – 12V/24V

From: $9.99

  • Works with any “Chimera” Style Hotend Mounts
  • DUAL “V6” Style Heater blocks w/ Dual 0.4mm Brass Nozzles
    • Works With our Silicone Socks – You will need to trim the sides of the socks depending on how you have the blocks aligned.
  • Thermistors, Heaters, and Fans included for 12V and 24V See below for full list of what is included.

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Add V6 Block Socks?

Add 50 Watt Heaters (For V6 Blocks)?

Add Tough Tube?

Upgrade to Titanium Heatbreaks?

Add on a 40mm 12V fan?

Add on a 40mm 24V fan?

Only 1 left in stock