Ender 5 Plus Meanwell PSU Replacement – 450W 24V 18A+ REAL Output


  • Handles the full load of the Ender 5 Plus with ease
  • 85+% Efficient Rated
  • Genuine Meanwell PSU
  • Fully tested in house with the Ender 5 Plus
  • Fits stock PSU location/mounting holes (see installation video below)

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Product Info

Why do you want this upgrade?

The stock PSU is a generic PSU that is prone to failure. Couple that with the high amp load from the Ender 5 Plus bed leads to the stock PSU failing well before it should. During our Live Stream from the Ender 5 Plus an electronic burning smell from the stock PSU was present and continued to be present upon further usage. Even though the Ender 5 Plus has only been out for about 1 month (as of writing this) multiple PSU failures where components have burned up have been reported in multiple places online. Meanwell is an industry leader for making stable and reliable power supplies. We only run MeanWell power supplies on our printers here as they have proven to be very reliable and stable for all our printers. Every Meanwell PSU we sell is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. We only purchase them from authorized distributors in the US.

For the Nerds:

  • Output Voltage: 24V DC
  • Input Voltage: 115 OR 230V AC (select with the switch on the side of the PSU)
  • Output Wattage: 450Watts+
  • Output Amps: 18A+
  • Fan Type: Ball Bearing

Installation Video


Warranty & Support Information

Technical Support: TH3D Community Support

  • To get technical support with this product it is handled through our TH3D Communities
  • Technical support is not included through the TH3D Helpdesk at no charge
    • You are welcome to ask quick questions about a Community Support product through our helpdesk but in-depth 1 on 1 technical support is not included.
  • If you require require a more personalized level of technical support it can be purchased separately in 1 hour blocks of time. Contact Us to get a time-slot paid for and scheduled through one of our technicians.

Warranty Info: 90 Days Warranty

  • Our warranty covers any and all defects with the product.
  • If your product fails or has problems within the warranty period you can contact our support team by emailing Support@TH3DStudio.com or by using the Contact Us link.
    • This is for warranty related issues only, not technical support.
  • Damage/Failure due to improper installation, usage, failure resulting from an issue with the machine the product is installed on, and/or modification or the product is not covered under warranty


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