EVNOVO/Artillery Sidewinder X1 EZABL Upgrade Kit

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This kit also requires our EZLCD Upgrade kit for the Sidewinder X1. You will need that as well if you do not own it already.

Comes with the extra cabling and EZABL kit needed to install the EZABL Pro kit on your Sidewinder X1 printer. 2020 Cable Clips are included as well.

Technical support is included should you need assistance installing the LCD kit.

ABS Sensor Mount for the X1

EZABL™ Pro Sensor

EZABL™ Pro (18mm)

EZABL™ Pro Control Box

In stock

2020 Cable Clips - Small - 10 Pack

Clips for mounting the EZABL sensor wire.


Sidewinder X1 EZABL Signal Cable

Required to connect from the X1 board to our EZABL Board


In stock

3D Printer M3/M4/M5 450 Piece Screw & Nut Assortment

Includes M3x20mm Screws for the OEM Mount