EZABL™ NG Bed Leveling Kit for Voxelab Aquila X1

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Tired of leveling your printer bed by hand? Let our EZABL do it for you! Our EZABL is fast, high quality, reliable, and easy. We also include technical support from our US support team – you don’t get this from the BLTouch/CRTouch.

EZABL™ NG Sensor

EZABL™ NG Control Box


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EZABL Sensor Mount

Aquila X1

Replace your bed springs

Use our Solid Bed Mount kits to replace the springs and make your bed more stable.

EZABL AC Power Adapter

Power your EZABL Kit from your wall power. US Plug ,110-220V 50/60hz.

Unified 2 Firmware for Aquila X1

3 Months
Voxelab V1XX Printers

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