EZFlex Plate – Build Sheet Steel Flex Base

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Earn up to 21 Benchies.

Product Info

  • Precision cut steel sheet with rounded corners – works with magnets/magnetic sheets.
    • EZ300 is 300×310 – 310mm is on the Y direction and has lifting tabs
    • EZ235 is 235×235 and has lifting tabs
    • EZ220 is 220×220 and has lifting tabs
    • EZMK3 – Special cut for the Prusa MK3 magnetic bed
    • EZ165 is 165×165
    • 0.5mm thick
  • Works with magnetic beds (DIY or Magnetic sheets)
  • Includes 5 mini bed clips to attach to printer bed without getting in the way
  • Laser engraved TH3D logo with product name
  • Works with our EZMat or EZPei sheets
    • This is for the steel sheet only (and clips), does NOT include a build sheet.
  • Flex the sheet for fast part removal

Installation Information/Video

Installation Notes/Tips – When applying the EZPei or EZMat Apply it to the side WITH THE LOGO.

  1. Clean the surface with acetone then glass cleaner. If you do not have acetone just glass cleaner will suffice.
    1. There may be small “spots” visible on the sheets due to the manufacturing process and/or shipping and will disappear when applying the EZPei or EZMat surface. These are cosmetic and do not affect the function of the steel sheet and are not raised.
  2. Align the bed mat EZFlex Plate
    1. Bond strength can also be improved with firm application pressure and moderate heat, from 40°C to 50°C, causing the adhesive to develop intimate contact with the bonding surface.
  3. Peel back one corner
  4. Slowly apply it to the bed pressing firmly as you peel the backing to avoid getting bubbles under the mat
    1. Go SLOW and make sure to apply even pressure.
  5. EZPei Notes – Peel off the protective film on top of the EZPei after applying it.
  6. Clip your EZFlex plate in all 4 corners with the included micro clips. If you want to add magnets to your bed our EZFlex will work with that.

Installation Video (Same as the EZMat)

Usage Notes

EZPei – The EZPei sheets when used with the EZFlex sheet will let parts remove with minimal effort from the plate.

EZMat – The EZMat sheets when used with the EZFlex sheet will let parts remove with average effort from the plate. Parts will be loosened up but a scraper may still be needed but parts will lift partially off so you can easily get under them with your scraper to pop them off all the way.


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1 review for EZFlex Plate – Build Sheet Steel Flex Base

  1. Leo

    Excellent Spring Steel flex plate. A bit of flex and the prints pop right off. It’s much lighter than the glass bed and is a perfect match for the EZPei surface. Works very well with the High-Temperature Neodymium Magnets. The only issue I have with the plate is there isn’t a lift tab. When used in conjunction with the magnets, it makes it a bit difficult to lift the plate off of the bed.

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