EZOut Filament Sensor Kit for Wanhao D6


  • The original Adapter board to make connecting a filament sensor painless to your printer.
  • Wide power traces with 2oz Copper PCB
  • Firmware Included via Download
  • Filament Sensor Kit 100% Compatible with EZABL Kits
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Product Info

Why do you want this upgrade?

Have you ever run out of filament during a print? Now you don’t have to worry! When you get the EZOut board and the filament sensor (add on above) you feed the filament through our sensor and when it runs out the printer will wait for you to load more filament into the printer so you can resume the print! Absolutely ZERO soldering required to install this. Easily add a filament sensor to your Wanhao D6 printer today! This is a full kit that includes all the cables, heatshrink (for the ezout board), and filament sensor. You will need to update your firmware which is included via download below.

Compatible Printers

  • Wanhao D6

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