EZOut (Pin 27) Kit for Anet A2, A8 – Melzi Board w/2004 LCD – Filament Sensor OR BL Touch

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  • The original Adapter board to make connecting a filament sensor or BL Touch painless to your printer.
  • Wide power traces with 2oz Copper PCB
  • Firmware Included via Download
  • When used as a Filament Sensor Kit 100% Compatible with EZABL Kits
  • 10 pin extension cable included so the board does not hit your control box or printer frame.

Add on our EZOut Filament Sensor? – optional

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Don't have a bootloader on your board? – optional

Add on our easy to use bootloader kit to flash your bootloader.

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Earn up to 38 Benchies.

Product Info

Why do you want this upgrade?

Filament Sensor Users: Have you ever run out of filament during a print? Now you don’t have to worry! When you get the EZOut board and the filament sensor (add on above) you feed the filament through our sensor and when it runs out the printer will wait for you to load more filament into the printer so you can resume the print! Absolutely ZERO soldering required to install this. Includes the 10 pin extension cable so the board does not hit your control box or printer frame.

BL Touch Users: If you get the EZOut board you will be using this to connect a BL Touch ABL sensor to your 3D Printer. You plug this board into your LCD header on your control board and then plug the LCD cable into our board. You then have the required 5V, Ground, and Signal pins available to connect to your BL Touch Sensor with ZERO soldering. Recommended BL Touch Installation Information: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2975949. The signal pin broken out on our board is Pin 27, this will be your SERVO pin in your firmware. Includes the 10 pin extension cable so the board does not hit your control box or printer frame.

Compatible Printers

  • Anet A8 with Stock 2004 LCD (5 Button Type)
  • Anet A2 with Stock 2004 LCD (5 Button Type)

LCD Type Compatibility

This EZOut Kit is ONLY compatible with printers running the 2004 LCD Screen. If you have the 12864 Version click here for that version.

Installation Links


  • Why is there a pin missing on the header?
    • This is removed so the pin does not connect to the LCD after installation and is completely normal.


Warranty & Support Information

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