EZPi – Plug and Play Octoprint Setup

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  • Plug and Play Pi Setup
    • If you send in your Wifi Name and Password it will auto-connect to your network.
      • Put the wifi info in below if you want us to pre-configure it.
  • Wired or Wireless Network Connection
  • Genuine Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • 32GB MicroSD Installed and Pre-Loaded with TH3D EZPi Image
  • 3 Amp Micro USB Power Adapter w/ Switch
  • Printed Case with Mounting Screws and Nuts Included
  • USB HD Camera Upgrade Optional
  • Support Included
  • A portion of every EZPi kit goes to the OctoPrint Project to help keep development moving. <3

Add Logitech USB HD Camera? – optional

In stock

Add Direct Wire Power Adapter? – optional

Power the Pi from your Printer power supply. MicroUSB Cable not included.

Add 10ft Ethernet Cable? – optional

In stock

Add a Power Blocker (prevents LCD staying on)? – optional

Available on backorder

Earn up to 156 Benchies.

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Product Info

What is the EZPi?

The EZPi is a pre-setup, tuned, and configured OctoPrint kit. OctoPrint is an open source project that lets you easily control your printer from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can send your Gcode over to the EZPi through your web browser so no more tinkering with SD cards! You can also connect a USB camera to the EZPi to do monitoring and timelapses of your prints. There are a ton of features that can be added in addition to what we load like PushBullet integration, YouTube Live Streaming, and much more!

The EZPi is built on the latest OctoPi image and customized by TH3D for the best user experience. All the hardware has been fully tested to correctly work together so you can have a very reliable and robust 3D printer control platform.

EZPi Getting Started Documentation

TH3D is also a supporter of the Octoprint Project and a portion of each kit sale will be donated directly to Gina (foosel) to help support her and the continued development of the Octoprint project.

Shipping Time Note: All EZPi Orders ship in 1-3 days as we hand assemble them here in the US.

Key features

  • Automatic connection to your printer
    • IP address of the EZPi will display on the LCD so you can easily find it on your network
  • Automatic heater shutoff if idle for more than 5 minutes
  • Built in bed leveling visualization for printers equipped with an ABL (including EZABL) system
  • Built in EEPROM Editor for Marlin (including Unified Firmware) Printers
  • Firmware upload tool to update your printer firmware through the EZPi
  • Progress bar support for printers with M73 Support (Enabled in Unified Firmware)
  • Pre-heat button for current GCode file selected
  • Printer will auto home (G28) before a print is started so make sure your bed is CLEAR before starting a print
  • Timelapses are pre-setup with high quality and multi-threaded rendering and will take a snapshot on every layer change
  • Wifi is presetup for North American bands (US/Canada)


  • Plug and Play Pi Setup
    • Pi OS Fully Updated
    • If you send in your Wifi Name and Password it will auto-connect to your network
      • Put it in the fields above.
      • Wireless information will ONLY be seen by TH3D staff and not shared with anyone outside of TH3D.
  • Tech Specs on the Pi – 1.4GHz 64-bit Quad core CPU, 1GB RAM, 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, 10/100/1000 Wired network, 40-pin GPIO header, Full-size HDMI, 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Wired or Wireless Network Connection
    • Pi 3B+ – 802.11ac 2.4ghz & 5.0ghz WIFi & 10/100/1000 LAN
  • Genuine Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+ (select below)
    • Heatsink installed on CPU for optimal temperature under load
    • PLA+ Case – Printed @ 0.2mm Layer Height
    • Includes 2x Bolts and Hammerhead nuts for mounting to 20mm extrusion
  • 32GB MicroSD Installed and Pre-Loaded with TH3D OctoPi Image
  • 3 Amp Micro USB Power Adapter w/Switch
  • Printed Case with Mounting Screws and Nuts Included
  • USB HD Camera Upgrade Optional (select above)
    • Logitech Brand – Will be 720P or better (depends on stock, typically C270/C310)
    • Will come in bulk packaging, not full retail box to save on shipping size/weight.
  • Pi Direct Wire Power Adapter available (select above)
  • Fully tested before shipping


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